For the record: I am pro vaccination and also pro some pharma but have written this article because of the heavy collective bias and inbalance between pharma vs plant medicine.

The fact governments do not support naturopathy in their healthcare plans for patients is a crime against humanity. While the governments sends billions into pharmaceuticals companies to develop drugs which they then purchase to treat patients – for governments to turn around and not even send any financial support to naturopathic research and treatment is ignorance at it’s highest level which I have no doubt is leading to mass disease, infection and death across the planet.

I myself while in and out of hospital with unknown genetic and inflammation issues with a corrupt Australian government and medical association which not only doesn’t fund naturopathy but goes out of its way to undermine and denigrate the profession felt necessary to go into financial ruin and debt to pay the gigantic naturopathic bills which eventually got me off my dangerous addiction to pharmaceuticals to treat my condition.

There’s an quote I’ve come across there’s a plant out there that can cure any disease – I also think the opposite true in relation to pharmaceuticals- there’s a pharmaceutical out there with the capability to kill any human. It’s vitally important to look back at the corrupt creation of the medical curriculum and how corporations created a system to keep the sick, sick while the rich keep getting rich.

A hypnotherapist Robert Schwarz who’s released some amazing audiobooks on soul states it’s important to feel our anger otherwise we repress it and make ourselves sick. These articles for me are my own therapy to deal with my own tragedies but also how they widely reflect the even much greater tragedies patients find themselves in around the world.

To me there are no accidents. The greatest problem in the world in my opinion is the lack of empathy and compassion and that is directly related to the oppression of plant medicine throughout the world. The deeper unconscious meaning of the repression is the the vast strong racism that fuels parts of science and the repression of tribal knowledge and nature wisdom which fuels materialism and the chemical medicine industrial complex system.

I remember listening to the profound words of Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD who talks about his belief our pineal glands are either unintentionally or intentionally being calcified through glyphosphate, wifi and aluminium – he states the pineal gland is crucial for our access to higher knowledge. His lectures are full of enlightening stories of his attempts to heal the sickest of the sick.

When it comes to healing society as a whole I believe we must go all in to research plant medicine and naturopathy – go into maximum debt to heal yourselves and others in more natural ways – become an advocate for nature and fight for our clean environment for everyone’s sake our lives are depending on it.


Creator: DNA Transformation Method. Student of Naturopathy. Coach and dowsing teacher

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William John

Creator: DNA Transformation Method. Student of Naturopathy. Coach and dowsing teacher